How to Redecorate a Room Without Spending a Dime

Are you overwhelmed by the potential cost of upgrading a room in your house?

You still want to switch things up, maximize space, and make your surroundings comfortable and inviting.

Buying furniture, fabrics and accessories can be an expensive task. Not to mention the professional work of a tailor if you decide to reupholster a sofa or loveseat.

So what do you do? You go out, find a nice piece to accessorize, an accessible slip cover, and a few pillows. With just a few hundred bucks you can change everything that you don’t like in a room.

Unfortunately, the result is a blend of decorating elements that are disconnected. They make the room look busy and disrupt its natural order. Then we becomefrustrated by the thought of being stuck with a style of décor that has come and gone.

There is a way to avoid all this trouble. You can actually decorate a room, or even your whole house, using things that you already own. If you put your creative mind to use, you can devise a way to use your own furniture and accessories in different combinations to achieve the look that you want.

The first step to tackling a free upgrade is to get ideas. Categorize your belongings in similar groups. Place accessories together, consolidate furniture, and check out what you’ve got.This is the time to separate with things you have gotten tired of or wish to no longer see.

Don’t donate these yet.They might come in handy later on, and you could rediscover an old possession as a new treasure.

The second step is to think about your previous room. Did you follow a symmetry, or was the style more casual and laid back? Was your living room formal, traditional, or modern? Consider your past style and work from there. If your home décor was formal or conservative, you can try out a casual style for a change by re-arranging pieces in a less symmetrical order. Add lower pieces of furniture that you might have in a hallway or family room for a comforting feel, and combine pillows from different areas of the house.

Rearranging your home for nothing is easy. If you find that a new setup just needs a detail here or a piece of artwork there, justfind a bargain at a localdiscount store.


Photo by Sam Howzit

Photo by hotelkursaal&ausonia